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Moses Lake Wedding Photography {Bob+Jaclyn}

Bob and Jaclyn were married in Jamaica in January. They celebrated their marriage in May with their family and friends at Sun Basin Ski Ranch.  This cool couple decided to have some fun with the photos.

The day started off at Salon Goddess with mimosas and some good music. We went to two separate locations for pictures before the vow renewal. There is this super cool graffiti wall in Moses Lake that we have been wanting to use in a backdrop but had to wait for the perfect couple, which happened to be Bob and Jaclyn! The colors are so bright and vivid, we love it! After that we went to the local train museum. Ben and I weren’t sure about that place so we had gone a couple months before the wedding to do a test shoot. We fell in love with it and were stoked to go back with the bridal party. The train was old and incredibly dirty so we had to take precautions  to not get Jaclyn’s dress dirty. With some baby wipes and a couple blankets were able to keep everything dirt free.

The ceremony went off without a hitch! Because they had already been married it was a short vow renewal ceremony. The funniest thing happened right after the ceremony. The bride has chosen some amazing shoes for all the bridesmaids to wear but the unstable ground and high heels weren’t a great mixture. One of the bridesmaid’s fell as she walked up the isle! Thankfully the groom was there to help her and she walked away laughing! The party went well into the night and everyone had a great time.

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