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Time Flies When We Are Working Hard!

It has been a while since I blogged last. Like a really long while. I sat down today to write and looked to see it has over 2 months since I have shared anything here. I couldn’t believe it!  I am always torn about our blog. I read all the time that I have to post something at least once a week otherwise people will think we haven’t been working. Which I am not sure why that is a bad thing. Everyone needs a vacation! I will say, that we have been working. Very hard! We photographed more weddings in one year than we have in previous years, which is why I have been so quiet here. I don’t like throwing up unthoughtful, short posts for the sake of posting, so I haven’t. But now that our wedding season has come to an end, I am happy to pick up where I left off in August.

In the meantime be inspired with the cuteness of our new puppy! On top of a full wedding season we bought a house and got a puppy. His name is Springfield (after the gun maker).