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Family Vacation to Friday Harbor

Ben and I have been wanting to take the kids to the beach for a while. Our vacations are more about camping and seeing family. Now that the kids are passed diapers, naps and the like we are starting to dream a little bigger with our family time. We took a long weekend and spent 4 days in Friday Harbor which is part of the San Juan Islands. It was the kid’s first ferry ride. A surprise to us was Adelaide who was totally afraid of the ferry for the first while. It took some serious pushing to get her over the fear.

Ben surprised us with a nice hotel and an appointment at their spa for me! It was honestly one of the best massages I have ever had! We stayed at Earthbox Inn & Spa. Although it rained every day we were there, the kids had felt like they had hit the jackpot with the indoor pool. From the moment we woke up until bedtime all they asked about was swimming in the pool. There was a break in the weather on Sunday, which led us to explore the island. We had such a great, refreshing time together and although Friday Harbor isn’t exactly the beach per se, it was close enough for now!

The island is gorgeous! Everywhere we went I kept saying to Ben “if only there was a bride and groom right here…”. So please! We need to come back here for an engagement session or a wedding. The pictures would be just epic!

Putting up his tough guy face.


There’s a camel named Mona on the island. You call her name and she will come right up to you.

The Whale Museum

So worn out Harrison vegged while Adelaide was out cold for a nap.