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Getting Repeat Business+Portrait Photography {91}

Yea! As our little business grows, we want to share our ups and downs with you. Our down this weekend was when the main hard drive I work off of started to putz out. Ben spent the rest of the weekend moving files and fixing it and ordering new hard drives. We have a list of 15 things that need to get done NOW and we had to just sit back and be patient. The up this week so far: this morning we received a phone call from a local police department. We took their head shots along with their group photo during their annual inspection last June (to protect their anonymity we didn’t post their pictures). Another year has almost come and gone and they called to ask us to take their photos again this year. So stoked! This is our first annual repeat business.  June will mark 2 years in business for us, so that makes us really happy! Thanks to our amazing brides from last summer we have gotten many referrals for weddings this summer too. But having the same customer come back to us for the same job we did a year ago is a little different for me as an owner. It means we did something right and that our reputation within our small community has been upheld this past year. In their phone call they said two things: they enjoyed their experience with us and loved the final product. It doesn’t get better than that!

And for that we give today two thumbs up. Well 2 thumbs up and a couple of index fingers too- she’s still working on it 🙂