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Happy Valentine’s Day! {43}

Ah, love is in the air. I think. I honestly couldn’t tell you because I went outside my house today for all of 30 minutes. Long enough to give a card and coffee to Ben at work and then a quick trip to the grocery store for fresh fruit. But love is all over Facebook. I am soooo not a mushy person, to Ben’s dismay. So on this one day a year I try my best to enjoy the cheesiness that Ben along with most of the world loves to revel in. Ben, being the romantic that he is, had flowers delivered to the house (he knows me well- I really don’t go out much during the week). It wasn’t just 1 dozen red roses but 3 dozen!  I am one loved lady! You all know how much I love flowers. Adelaide was very excited to have a “fowler” of her own.