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I Heart Photographing Weddings, Thursdays! {75}

Right now we are on our way to Colorado to shoot a wedding for a fellow nanny I met while living in Switzerland. She actually lived close to me in Mies (for those that know French, that was my attempt at a little humor.) You pronounce Mies “me”. We lived on the total opposite side of Geneva than most of our friends so we got to be buddies. Now almost 6 years later she is getting married. One thing that I love about shooting weddings is being able to have a close part in my friend’s weddings. I get to spend all day with them! Even bridesmaids can’t be there all the time. I will always hold my time in Geneva near and dear to my heart and I can’t wait to photograph this wedding on Saturday for a fellow person from Genf!

This is the first wedding we ever shot as professionals. I met Hannah, the bride, in Geneva and we were best friends the entire time we lived there.