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I Heart Photographing Weddings Thursdays! {11}

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Wow! It’s Thursday already. I get to share one more reason why I love shooting weddings. This may get a little girly. We are talking weddings here, so it’s alright! I love weddings because of the whole getting ready process! Since I was a little girl fun equaled dressing up in heels, jewelery and getting into mom’s make-up! Every weekend I get to talk girl-talk in the bathroom along with a whole bunch of ladies getting all pretty for a fun day. From debating over purple or green eye shadow, picking out the perfect smell of perfume, and then the final moment of putting on the dress you just can’t go wrong with that! Of course the sprinkles on top of this awesome sundae is the anticipation of a bride getting to see her groom in just moments. C’est Fab-u-leux!