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Kellan+Kayli {A Wenatchee Wedding} {13}

Kellan and Kayli’s love has spanned across the globe and back again. After a short while of dating, Kayli moved to Dubai to be a nanny. Although they were thousands of miles apart, they grew closer. Kellan decided to fly to Dubai and surprise Kayli with a proposal! They wanted to get married as soon as they could, which meant a Winter wedding. Thankfully Kayli likes the snow, so we had a great time walking around outside of the Brethren Baptist Church where they were married. Kellan and Kayli have spent many fun evenings hanging out at their favorite coffee shop, Caffe Mela so they thought it would be fun to take a pit stop on the way to the reception at The Conservatory Events Center. The bridal party partied. All. Day. Long. From joking around during the pictures,  espresso shots at Caffe Mela, then dancing their shoes off (literally) until the wee hours of the night at the reception. We had a blast keeping up with this young crowd! Kellan and Kayli are a couple of great, fun loving people who truly love each other. We are so excited for them as they start their life together in Spokane!

You just have to love this character this old church building has!

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If only I could remember what song was playing here. Maybe “Dynamite”? No matter, they were rockin out!

A quick stop at Caffe Mela for espresso shots. YUM! Although I am pretty sure some of the guys hadn’t had straight espresso before. It was hilarious to watch their responses to the taste!

The bridesmaids and Kayli did a special dace to get the night going. It was pretty well choreographed!

Off they go to a cruise off of the Florida coast!