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Marc + Katie | Point Defiance Engagement Photography

I could make a corny joke about fish in the sea, but I am trying so hard not to. Marc and Katie met at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. They are aquarists. Meaning they get to work with the fish! Marc works with the sharks in particular. How cool is that?! After being friends for a while they started dating and now here they are a couple of years later, planning their Leavenworth wedding! It was so interesting and fun talking with them as we walked along the water, taking their pictures learning about the life and passions of aquarists. Marc got distracted by jelly fish in the water and filled us in on sustainable fish. We also got to meet Tam their “totally awesome mutt”. He sat still and posed for pictures better than most kids!  After walking by the water, we headed down by the ferry. Although Katie is from Eastern Washington, she has become a Westside girl and wanted a photo that said “Seattle”.  The weather cooperated with her wishes by being gray and dark for her shoot, hehe. We were thankful for the break in the rain, though. We are looking forward to their June wedding in 2013.

Her engagement ring is a crab! So personal, I love it!

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