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Meeting Goals and Getting Back in the Groove

Wow. It has been almost a month since I blogged last. I know they say that is the worst thing you can do: have a blog, but not blog. But I will have to beg to differ for this one occasion. Every once in a while we need to take a step back. We reflect on our past recent work to enjoy remembering the moments we shared with couples and to see how we can improve. February is that time for us each year. We spend a little more time with family, clean up the website, clean out my desk (which by then is out of control!) and prepare for the months ahead. April brings lots of engagement sessions and styled shoots. May starts the wedding season off and by June we are living, breathing and eating wedding photography! Which really, we love the eating part. Lots of amazing dinners at receptions and the leftover cake is always welcomed after a 12-14 hour day 🙂

This past week we were thrilled to meet our 2013 wedding goals! One of those goals was to focus our efforts on Eastern Washington weddings. In the past years we traveled up to 5 different states for weddings in one summer. We have 2 young children and we decided that was too much time away from the kids. This year all but 2 weddings are in Central Washington. We are thrilled that we get to get outside of the greater Lake Chelan/Wenatchee/Leavenworth area for a couple of weddings, but thankful that it is only a couple and not gone every weekend for the entire weekend.

I haven’t been totally slacking off! I run the Chelan Bride wedding site. It was time for a website overall. It took weeks, but I redid it (with Ben’s help) and already vendors are saying their inquiries from the site are way up. I also submitted weddings to wedding blogs-a very time consuming process. We have had 3 weddings published so far, with 3 more scheduled to get published. Our goal for 2013 is to have every single wedding published on a wedding blog or *the ultimate awesomeness* in print. We also watched workshops to continue our education. This month is also booking season. We booked 1/3 of our weddings this month. The other 2/3 trickle in throughout the year. So that equates to a lot of emailing, phone calls and client meetings.

Today starts our 2013 photography year. We are super excited to be collaborating on a styled fashion shoot! Can’t wait to share those images on Monday!

Here’s a screen shot of the new and improved Chelan Bride site.