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Our Brand New Wedding Blog!

Why Hello?! How are you?! I hope all is more than well as you read this. If you couldn’t tell we are pretty stoked right now. Why? Because we just completed something that has been needing to get done for months! We have revamped our blog! We hope it will be easier for you to look around and check out the latest. We have been spending too much time shooting and editing this last while and now are ready to post the rest of our weddings from this summer! Brides: we hope that you will get some great ideas for your own wedding by seeing what these brides did. Photographers: we love to connect and talk shop and we hope you like our style.


We hope you give our blog 2 thumbs up! Or at least a happy smile and something close to that. 🙂 Check out our Facebook page for a little contest pertaining to this starting today!