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Playing With the Brownie Camera

A long, long time ago in a land far, far away there was this stuff called film. And cameras that didn’t require batteries. A couple months ago while shopping for props at the local antique store I found a Kodak Brownie Camera. I took the camera with us on our trip to Colorado. We only had one reel, so only 1 roll of film (12 pictures). I had to choose my pictures carefully which is obviously not the case in today’s digital world.So pictures of my hubby were an obvious choice! Ben researched the camera and found out that it shoots at F16.¬† I chose black and white film knowing the pictures would need the charm that b&w adds to images. I had no control over the exposure beside which film to buy. We used Ilford 400 speed film, but somehow my pictures aren’t very sharp. Apparently I was so excited to shoot with the camera my hand was really shaky! Anyways, here are my favorites. These are all completely unedited.

We visited Ben’s favorite county singer’s hometown¬† Chris Le Doux in Wyoming.

Custer’s Last Stand.