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So what if they are neither local to you or the venue? Then that means you couldn’t find the quality, customer service, or price that you were looking for. Thankfully Google allow us to get anything that we will ever need and get it to the exact specifications we want. A true professional can take any new location and make it personal to you. You will trust them because you click with them. We were hired off of a Google search to go to Alaska. Months after the wedding I am Facebook friends with that bride. We went to Oregon because it was a referral from a wedding in Seattle (still not local for us). She hired us because of the great referral from our Seattle bride. I could go on and on. Here’s the point. I want to like my clients just as much as they want to like me. Both sides do that by saying no or yes when they have that gut feeling. And you know what? We never have drama with our clients.

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