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Taking a Little Break

I have my hand in a lot of baskets. For as much as I try to get rid of the busyness, I end up adding more to my plate. I have always been a person of action. Even as a child my parents would have to force me to slow down to heal after breaking a bone or having surgery (which was often). I think it’s easy to become a workaholic because there is so much to do and if I try to do it all myself, it will literally never be all done. I did have this one stretch of time when I was first married that I just sat on the couch watching TV. But the time leading up to my wedding was anything but restful. Not because of stress, but because I lived in a different country, in a timezone that was 9 hours ahead. So being able to talk to Ben only happened at 2 or 3 in the morning. After moving back to the states I spent the year recovering! It was awesome, but I gained a bunch of weight. I literally did nothing.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, even though I seem to attract busywork, I am doing my best to say ‘no’ for the month of November. I asked my cousin to come help me finish some much needed office work in efforts to actually mark things off my to do list that have been there since last May.  My goal is to get everything done that I want done in the next week and then take an entire week off of work. For the remaining 3 weeks I hope to only work 2 hours a day to get the necessities done (I do have a wedding show to put on come Jan. 26). So you might see things slow down around here. I am planning on actually reading a book or two! I miss books.

And I plan to devote copious amounts of undivided attention to these two!