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The Orr Family {Wenatchee Family Portriats} {67}

After teaching the photography workshop last weekend we took a couple minutes to take some photos of the Orr family. Hayley attended the class and we use the opportunity to do a quick, mini family session. It orginally wasn’t going to be a mini-session, but it poured all morning and when picture time rolled around, it was still raining and the ground was incredibly soggy. So we improvised. We took their pictures in the backyard under a tree- the only thing outside that could protect them from the rain. I stood inside the house (to protect my gear) with the sliding glass door open, shooting with the longest lens I have and zoomed in all the way. It only took 5 minutes, but Grace and Addy were perfect gems, smiling for the camera in their cute little tutus. I wish it hadn’t been raining, because these little ladies would have totally hammed it up for the camera!