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Tips &Tricks: Bridal Bouquets

You have picked the colors to your wedding, bought the bridesmaid’s dresses, found the matching flowers, and made sure they were in season for your wedding date. On the day of your wedding the flowers arrive and…. ack! The bouquet is almost as tall as you are?! How did this happen?!  Sometimes the most logical details get missed when planning a wedding. There are SO many details! In today’s world many brides won’t have the opportunity to meet her vendors in person- whether it’s scheduling, out of town, or school. And sometimes the obvious gets lost in the emails. With the permission of our bride, I want to show you an example of what can happen when your florist doesn’t know that you are only 5’1”.


The bouquet is beautiful and fits well with the colors of her wedding. But with her short, casual dress along with her petite frame the flowers take away from the bride rather than adding to. I actually cut the bouquet down a little before the ceremony, after consulting with the bride. This is a picture that was taken after I cut it down a little. We photographed another bride this summer who is pretty much the exact same size. Notice the difference in bouquet size? So, when it comes time to pick your flowers, make sure you think about relative size to your body!