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Weddings at Lake Chelan:Jewelry

Melanie is a Chelan based Stella and Dot Jewelry stylist. If you haven’t checked out Stella and Dot jewelry, you need to! It is super fun, modern, and affordable.

Have you noticed any trends in jewelry for this year?
I’ve been noticing bold jewelry on both the brides and bridesmaids.  Color seems to be the trend right now along with your traditional pearls and crystals.  I’ve seen a lot of brides wearing emeralds, blue crystals, and chandelier style earrings. Also, I would say the jewelry has been a mix of larger pieces as well as more delicate items.
Do brides mix old with new jewlery? I.E. just because a bride is wearing grandma’s necklace do they still get new earrings?
I’ve been seeing and hearing of brides that are mixing new jewelry with pieces from their mother, grandmother or other important people in their life.  Many of Stella & Dot’s pieces are vintage in style, which allows for versatility when pairing up with a pair of grandma’s pearls.
What is your favorite piece from this season’s collection?
Stella & Dot recently released the 2011 Fall Collection.  The trend for this fall is BOLD!  My favorite pieces are definitely the Chantilly Lace Chandelier Earrings and Chantilly Lace Cuff.  Blythe Harris (our jewelry designer) was inspired by a piece of vintage lace from her grandfather’s lace company in the 1920s.  The two pieces are delicate, feminine, and irresistible.  You can wear them with anything.