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5D Mark 3 and ISO

So a new camera came out. And for us Canon users we all were a little excited. Ok, more than a little. Ben is a gadget guy, so he’s been looking forward to this. We get the emails from The Canon Rumors guy and Ben calls me just to give me updates about rumors of the latest and greatest. Well this camera really is the greatest right now for us wedding photographers. There are a couple beefs that I have about my Mark 2 that were addressed with the Mark 3. One of the main being the bad noise (or grain) in low light situations paired with slow focusing. There is a night and day difference with the two models. We will be doing a few posts over the next week as we hope it will be helpful to a lot of friends we know who are thinking about upgrading. This snapshot was taken at ISO 2000. Here’s the 100% crop. Look how little grain there was! There is zero noise reduction on this picture. Ben will be posting some more in depth over the next week. (and a smarter one with technical terms and stuff 🙂 )