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Free Swiss Chocolate | It’s Giveaway time!

I. Love. Chocolate. You don’t even understand how much I love it. Living in Switzerland for 2 years after college didn’t help much either! Just like a song on the radio can bring you back to a special time, the smell of a great cup of espresso and a bite of real chocolate brings me to my time in Geneva. I loved every minute being there and I look back in great fondness of that time in my life. I knew being a Geneviose wouldn’t be forever and in certain moments I made sure to cherish big and little moments. This past week I received the best package ever in the mail-chocolate from a wonderful friend who is 100% Suisse. Believe it or not, there aren’t a ton of purley Swiss folks in Geneva due to it’s banking community. Although there are 3 national languages in Switzerland; Swiss-French, Swiss-Italian, and Swiss-German (all three very different from their root languages) it wasn’t uncommon to hear Brittish English on the streets and in the cafes. I met Joelle through a language exchange. We’d speak one hour of French for me and one hour of English for her over a cup (or 3) of coffee. Anyway, my awesome Swiss friend sent me 2 bags of chocolate. As soon as I got back from the bridal show I ground up some coffee, used the fancy espresso machine we are borrowing from a friend (more on that in anther post), and picked out a piece of chocolate… happy contented sigh. I want to share that moment with you! We are giving away a half pound of these chocolates. All you have to do is comment on this post. Let us know what your favorite “bring back to a special time” thing is for you. A particular song, a certain outfit, a poster or picture… whatever it may be. I want to know what gives you the warm fuzzies on this cold week in the middle of Winter!Contest ends Friday!