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I heart Weddings Thursdays (Ok, I Know it’s Friday…) {26}

I totally forgot about my Thursday wedding love! It’s been a crazy week as we prepared for the photography class that is today! So I shall share some love today instead.

I love weddings for the cool rides! My very first limo ride was this summer while shooting a wedding! I love getting to go on all sorts of fun rides with the wedding party as we go from the ceremony to the reception. It all started with our own wedding. We flew in a helicopter away from the church, but that’s a story for another time! Those moments right after the ceremony are filled with so much emotion! Love, pure joy, tons of laughter, excitement,  and “so glad it’s finally over” comments to each other. Honestly I feel awkward sometimes.  I am the only person sharing this moment with the bride and groom. And I have a huge camera in their face. Then there are other times where the entire bridal party is with them and there is just enough room for me to squeeze in the very back right next to the door. Then my camera is really in someones face. But that is why I am there. I hope when these couples see these images all those wonderful emotions come flooding back. That is why I love photographing weddings!

One thing to remember brides: if you ride in a convertible your hair WILL get messed up. But it’s worth it!

Singing your heart with your best friend and your sister right after getting married: priceless.

They started off in a horse-drawn carriage…

…which was too slow for the whole ride to the reception. So they switched to the groom’s classic Pontiac

They rode from the hair salon to Mission Ridge, the wedding venue.