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Photography 101 Workshop! {27}

After months of anticipation and weeks of preparing, the Photography 101 class finally happened! Needless to say I am dragging my feet today. I can’t wait to put the kids to bed tonight so I can go to bed too! We had a great turnout with 29 people who attended the morning and night class. There was a wide variety of photographers there, from moms wanting to take better pictures of their kids to small business owners wanting quality pictures of their products. We talked about the technical: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture along with the creative: composition, lighting, and fun projects to try. I totally forgot to ask about evaluation forms in the morning class, which I am super bummed about. But Ben remembered to hand them out at the night class. The response from people was great! Although, I think next time we have the workshop the class will be a Saturday workshop that is a couple hours longer. People wanted a little more time to understand and digest the info. It was so encouraging to hear people ask after both classes, “so, when’s the next class?!”. We are now hashing out the plans for an all day Saturday workshop in the field! We will go out shooting for half the day and then come back to work on our images in Lightroom for the second half. Let us know if you are interested in something like that! Once we get enough interest, we will get a date on the calendar. We are so happy the class was beneficial to all who attended and that we were able to raise a good chunk of change for the Ephrata Chamber of Commerce! Our winner for the free photography session is Jennifer Stacy! Congratulations!