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Is Your Wedding Photographer Insured?

Being a photographer is 10% taking pictures, 90% running a business. #1 thing on that list is to be insured….
To couples who are in the process of hiring a photographer: ask if they have insurance! It is not so much to ensure that they will be prepared/have the ability to replace an important piece of equipment if it breaks, but that the photographer cares enough about their business to have it protected. A lot of new photographers forgo this expense because they simply don’t want to spend the money on it. A couple years ago we were talking with a photo friend, telling them about the importance of it. They weren’t sure about spending the money on insurance, only to have their house flood the next week and their $2000 lens drown in the flood. Insuring not only the equipment, but all of their business is a sign of professionalism and seriousness about their job. There is also indemnity insurance. All photographers should have this. Heaven forbid something happen to your pictures, but what if something does? We don’t want to loose your images just as much as you! Photographers can’t control getting into a fiery crash on the way home from your wedding. They could have backed up the cards 4 different ways, but if they get in an accident, get water damage, the list goes on… what will you do? Indemnity insurance would pay for you to recreate your wedding day exactly so it could be rephotographed. No kidding! 
To Photographers: GET INSURANCE! It’s more important than any other tool that you may own. Obviously I feel strongly about this. There is no reason a business owner of any kind should be without business insurance. If they can’t afford it, they shouldn’t be in business. Our insurance agent happens to be my sister-in-law, Nancy Collingsworth. We are so blessed to be in such great hands, knowing how passionate she is about working for State Farm and insurance. She’s been working for State Farm a long time and is certified to do anything that requires insurance, loans, credit cards, ect. She has helped educate us about everything insurance related.  If you want to trust someone who is honest, runs her business with integrity and knows insurance: get insured through her. This may sound like a shameless plug for Nancy, but it is the truth. You all know that integrity and great customer service is the number one and two things we judge a business by. If she wasn’t those thing, we wouldn’t use her. Because our business is very important to us.  To contact Nancy Collingsworth, State Farm agent, go to or call 425-643-6505. Her office is in Bellevue, but we live in Eastern Washington and have loved working with her. In our unbiased opinion 🙂