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Knowing When to Hire a Pro:Cupcake Edition {70}

I have cupcake issues. I didn’t know it until yesterday. I had the privilege to photograph these super cute cupcake wrappers by Dress My Cupcake.  They are a company based out of California who designs specialty cupcake wrappers. It is a great little detail to any event. My problem was that I needed to make cupcakes so I could photograph the wrappers in all their cuteness. My first mistake was making a butter based frosting. It started melting a few minutes into the shoot. I wanted pure white frosting, but I added vanilla (and the butter) so it looked a little yellow. That was fixable in Lightroom, but I should I have thought about it ahead of time and done it right in camera. I decided to run up to Walmart and get the baker there to frost a couple. Yes, I said Walmart. I live in a small town, it’s all I have! They over-frosted the cupcakes  and it started to go all over the wrappers. I learned many lessons here. But the most important: knowing when to hire a professional. The money spent in buying the materials and the time in making them would have cost the same as buying cupcakes from a real bakery.

In the end I was able to get some decent shots of the wrappers- the most important thing in this shoot. I am determined to do a better job than this, so I have contacted a baker and will be doing a re-shoot next week!

These are with Walmart frosting.

These are my frosting, before the meltdown.