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Loading Bullets {45}

We all have things we want to pass on to our kids. And some things we hope we can change about ourselves that they never pick up on! For Ben, one of his pet peeves is spending money on labor when you can just do it yourself. For example: washing our car, fixing our computer, roofing our house,  doing my nails, and even…loading our own bullets. Ben likes doing things himself because then he knows exactly how it was made and he can have full control over the outcome. Especially bullets. He can fill the grain to the exact amount that matches better to whatever gun he is shooting. It’s half the cost of buying ammo at the store and plus it’s great one on one time with the kids. They love helping daddy!  So really, this post has nothing to do with photography, but we thought we’d share some family time happenings with you all! Some people read stories before bed. We load bullets.


Adelaide  Bullet Hands. Olives and casings are interchangeable here 🙂