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Our First Photo Competition!Bridal Inspirations Wedding Expo Photo Contest

It’s been one crazy year! We are beyond blessed with all of the opportunities God has given us. We entered the wedding photography scene right along with thousands around the country. This has become a very competitive market over the past decade and it takes more than quality photos to be a successful photographer. There are some who bicker and complain about the influx of photographers, but I welcome them all. I see it as a way to force Ben and I to be better, to constantly be growing, learning, changing, and so much more. One way to test how we stack up against the rest is to put our ego aside and place our work out there for others to judge. When I came across this competition I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see how we stack up with those right here within our own state. We entered the Bridal Inspirations Wedding Expo Photo Contest which is held in Bellingham, Washington. We are excited to be shooting our first wedding in the Bellingham area this December and think it would be fun to do more. We have a lot of family in Ferndale, so we are very familiar with the area and love to come visit. Thank you Bridal Inspirations for choosing one of our images as the finalist.  This will sound uber cheesy and cliche, but we are thrilled to have made it to the final four and are completely happy with that. It is great having our mom’s gush over our work, but in the competitive market it’s great to hear what our peers in the wedding industry think of our work!

Below is the image that made it to the final 4.