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Photography Workshop for Hobbyist and Professionals

We are hosting an overnight photography workshop at Camp Gilead on January 24-25 in Carnation, Washington along with Stone Castle Photography! To sign up, go to:

We know that you will all be coming from different skill levels and wants from the class. This is why we will be having multiple workshops going on at the same time. You can pick and choose what you would like to learn on Saturday. But first, on Friday night we will all get together  to discuss ethics in photography, basic photo 101 skills, and a short history lesson on photography and digital cameras.  Although some may be beyond 101 level, I think it’s always great to revisit the foundations of photography.

 On Saturday, we will have workshops for you to choose from:

*Editing in Lightroom/Photoshop

*File handling (a file folder management system for storing your pictures on your computer that will ensure you don’t loose your pictures)

*Posing babies and children

*Wedding Photography: posing couples and tips for running a successful business

*Strobes & Lighting

*Getting to know your camera

*Photo walk

Phil and Jessica Bentz of Stone Castle photography are Nikon shooters, while we are Canon shooters. We will have all of our gear there so you can see the differences between these two, along with just playing with the gear.  We will have everything that we ever use including camera bags, lights, little toys. We will have a Q&A time about gear and computers (they use Mac, we use PC).  You will experience of the differences between the two.

Last, but not least we will be discussing insurance. Yes, a very boring topic! But for photographers it is very important! Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, we are spending a lot of money for our hobby/craft and we need to protect our investment and ourselves. (What if a light stand falls over and hits your client or even family member in the face? What if you take the wedding rings to go shoot them and one accidentally falls out of your hand and into a crack in the floor?) It’s important to us that we give you this information so you can be aware and make an educated decision that works best for you. We will have an insurance expert talk about these and the differences between being insured locally or through the Professional Photographers of America.