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Things That Matter {21}

We haven’t allowed ourselves enough time to help out at church until recently. Although weddings tend to be a seasonal thing, somehow we find ourselves still incredibly busy as we are nearing February. In December we had to make a conscience decision to make time, otherwise it wouldn’t happen. Our pastor’s wife is going to have a baby any day now and will need some time off from helping in the youth group. So Ben and I have started to hang out with the kids on Wednesday nights along with another couple (who’ve been the youth leaders for a long while). I invited the ladies in the youth group over last night to hang out at our house so I could get to know them better. To my surprise they didn’t mind hanging out with me! I showed them how to make homemade chicken noodle soup. We watched Fireproof. A great movie about unfailing love and choosing to love. Then we talked. For hours. Suddenly I was 17 all over again talking about boys and with that means drama. A lot of drama! The interesting thing is my perspective has changed. This year is my 10 year high school reunion. As I listened to these girls tell me their stories all I could think of was that none of it matters! All the who-likes-who and she-said-that stuff. Of course,no matter what I say, there is no convincing a 15 year old she will probably not marry this love of her life right now and dating him is pointless.  Said all this to say; I get so caught up in my day to day drama I forget that 10 years….man, more like 1 week from now, it won’t matter. I get so emotionally involved in some idea or way I want to do things but in the end things will change anyways. I need to focus on what matters in life. How do I glorify God today? How can I share His love with those I come in contact with? How can I react to this situation in a way that pleases God? Now that is something to get emotionally involved with.

So here’s to a time in our lives when there was no drama! About 2 right? lol