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I am a part of a wonderful group on Facebook of Christian women photographers. We share everything photo related and personal happenings in our lives. This last week I offered to show a fellow photographer our contract as she was trying to figure out what to write in hers. That resulted in over a hundred ladies emailing me within a couple hours that they wanted to see ours too! I was more than happy to oblige. Then I thought maybe there are more of you out there that are wondering what should be covered in a contract, so I thought I would post ours here for all you out there who are in need of a little help. This was put together by lawyers in Washington State. Please make sure that the contract holds up in your respective town/state. This is just a tool for you and not 100% guaranteed for you in a court of law. So no coming back and yelling at me 🙂 But I do hope it helps!

NP Wedding Photo Contract SAMPLE Download

A just because every post deserves a picture, here’s a cute picture from a wedding this summer. Hope it makes you smile!