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Yes, We Are THAT Crazy! {97}

This is Paul. Our UPS guy. Notice he’s outside my car in the middle of town.

Ben loves packages. He tracks packages with an app on his iPhone as they make their way across the county. He also gets regular emails to update him. We know exactly the moment a package is out for delivery. We get even more excited to get a package when we know it’s client’s pictures! We get so anxious that we can’t wait for Paul to deliver our packages to our house. We actually get in our car and drive around to find him. I know, totally ridiculous. We live in a small town with only 3 stoplights so it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to find him. Usually, I see his truck and park next to it and wait until he comes out of a store and ask for him to give us our packages.  By now, he knows who we are. Today when I found him, he was driving across the street into an ally and then parked. I had to drive past him and park on the side of the road. I had planned to hop out of the car and walk back to the truck, but before I could get out, he walked up to the car with my package in hand. Talk about customer service! He never is annoyed at our ridiculousness. Thank you, Paul, for letting us feel normal in our absurd ways by always having a smile on your face. Even though you are probably laughing at us. But I am ok with that.