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Hot Sauce and Wedding Photography

As a photographer and business owner I am constantly finding new things that inspire me. I have been reading Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders. The book itself is inspiring as anyone who has read it would agree. But the other night as I read it, something stuck out to me. To some degree I have heard it before- maybe from Dane when I heard him speak a couple months ago, I don’t know. Anyway, he stated in his book that the best thing you can do as a photographer is build your business around the one thing no one else can: ME! I am unique and what I have to offer as a person (and as a couple with Ben) is totally our own. Having great photography is an obvious point. He is talking beyond that. As that idea is slowly working it’s way into an action I am being inspired by those around me and their crazy quirks that make them, them. My brother -in-law is from El Salvador. Raul moved to California as a teenager and has slowly adapted to American living, bit by bit, but one thing that will never change is his taste buds. Whatever food it is, it requires hot sauce. And not just a little bit, but like 1/4 of the bottle. So today as we sat around the table for Christmas dinner and I saw 2 different kinds of hot sauce waiting to be sprinkled poured over my dad’s roast beef and mashed potatoes I had to say, “You go, boy!”.