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Gettin’ Real. Humble Beginnings. {17}

I debated about posting this picture. I mean, it doesn’t scream high-end wedding photography studio, does it? In this world a lot of people like to use the term “fake it till you make it”. They feel that if they just believe they are who they hope to be in life or career then it will be a self fulfilling prophecy. The problem with that is you have to be fake at some point in the process, which in essence is lying. I fight the urge all the time to make our little start up photo business bigger than what it is. Whether it’s talking to fellow photographers, other wedding vendors, or potential clients. I don’t know why I feel the need to make us out to be something we aren’t because the funny thing is, whatever I am trying to make sound “better” could very well only sound “better” to me.  Ben and I want to be real with people. Not just in business but in life. Always. So who cares if my desk is second hand and the freezer that holds all our deer meat is in my “office”. Or that our “showroom” upstairs where we meet with clients has light blue carpet with swirls that kinda look like clouds in it from 1986. The thing is we are wedding photographers. We know we can take great photographs of your wedding while giving you a great experience during the day and amazing customer service after. So we will start there. Some day, when we have the money we might update our office, or maybe actually get a real photo studio in town. But for now this is us. The real us. In our daylight basement 4 feet away from our kids and their toys working away on the pictures from your wedding. And we love it!

PS Ben has his own desk and workspace on the other side of the room, so I am fully responsible for the clutter and everything you see here 🙂

Here is our living room where we meet with clients.