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This is Part 1 of a 3 part wedding blog post. More to come tomorrow!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Lake Chelan style. That is this wedding in a nutshell. We loved how both sides of the families adored each other. Not only that but genuinely loved being with each other. Every attendant in the bridal party was family. Including the 5 flower girl nieces and 2 ring bearer nephews. Both families readily accepting the other as their own. It was a lovely day.

Emily and Jake met in Montana 4 or 5 years ago. Between the their dad’s speeches there was a bit of a discrepancy, but needless to say their love has been growing for a while.  Emily, being from Wenatchee, wanted to return to her hometown area to get married and she knew Karma Vineyards was the place to have it! They rented houses on the lake to house all the out of town family, from California to Montana. Being both babies of the family, Jake and Emily were the last to get married. All of the older siblings were there, giving advice and helping to make the wedding go off without a hitch. Emily’s sister and friend made all of the flowers, tying in the peacock themed wedding. It was crazy hot! We were all thankful to hang out inside the Cave at Karma Vineyards during the heat of the day, waiting for the 7 pm ceremony. After dinner under the bright blue sky, everyone headed into the cave for some fun dancing. The kids were just as much into the dancing as the adults. So much fun to see the joy and laughter of the kids in their cute outfits, happy after a delicious dinner.

Thank you, Emily and Jake, for letting us into your world for the day. We enjoyed it immensely! Happy Honeymooning in Montana!

They haven’t seen each other yet in this photo!Please click below to see the rest of part 1 of this wedding.Check out part 2 of this wedding!