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Wes+Joanna {Bellingham Wedding Photography} {2}

Wes and Joanna met a dew different times without realizing they had met before. It was one of those things where their lives crossed paths many times through friends and events but only in passing. Finally after meeting each other in passing multiple times they stopped long enough to have a conversation that would make them not stop thinking about each other from that point on! After dating about a year they got engaged. They waited to get married until December because Joanna’s sister had gone to Africa and didn’t return until December. Such a nice sister to wait for her sister to return to be a part of her wedding! It was a cold, rainy day for this Bellingham wedding in December. We ventured out for a few shots but just did our best to stay inside and find unique angles inside the church.  Joanna and Wes embraced the DIY mantra and spent many, many hours along with their friends and family to make this wedding affordable! From the flowers to the cake, her friends showed their love by lending their talents. It really shows the wonderful character of the couple when so many people are willing to give their time, energy and talents.

Joanna is an accomplished violinist. We loved being able to incorporate her grandfather violin into the wedding pictures!

Wes+Joanna {Bellingham Wedding Photography}

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The pastor and groom walked out too soon and they had to go back into the back room while the slideshow played. Everyone laughed! Here Pastor Dave takes a bow as everyone laughs at their mistake, hehe.

This was a DIY wedding! Everyone did a great job to help the bride and groom save money. Joanna’s friend at church made the cake. I was able to steal a yummy piece after the bride and groom left.

They got to drive away in an old car that is owned by a friend at the church too.