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What is a Trash the Dress Session? {36}

So what is a trash the dress session, anyway? This idea has slowly gotten around over the past couple years just enough for people to ask the question, but sometimes still not get the answer. Well, simply put it is doing something fun in your wedding dress at some point after your wedding. You pay all this money for a dress and wear it once. Why not pull it out again for another fun shoot! I prefer calling it “rock the dress” because you can rock it without trashing it. But, some brides out there are totally stoked to go out and kill their dress in a paintball fight or whatever. Something still fun would be going rock climbing because you are a rock climber. Yes, your dress will get dirty, but you can still take it to the cleaners and all will be well. Or go for a ride on a motorcycle because that is what you and your groom love to do together. Or, if there is just some really cool farmhouse with a pasture that you’d love to get your photo taken at, but you are afraid of getting it dirty, take the pictures after the wedding. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but personal. The more “you” it is the better. Knitting with grandma at her house: yes! Sitting in your favorite coffee shop: sure! Talk with your photographer and let them know your interests, that will get the creative juices flowing!

We encourage the groom to come along too!  We can get more unique photos of the two in their element. Guys aren’t usually two much into the photos, but when he sees her on his bike by the beach… somehow he’s happy to pose along with her.

There are always lots of people stopping and staring wanting to know what’s going on. It makes the couple feel kinda like movie stars for a few. All the attention from people they’ve never met in on them. And who doesn’t love 5 minutes of fame? It makes the shoot so fun and lighthearted!